Water Thematic Community




Water, associated with the management approach of water resources and data management.

Working Group

The functions of this group include coordination with, and participation in, other GEO water activities, e.g. global water cycle activities, from a regional perspective, engagement and contribution from Americas nations that add new capabilities to other GEO water activities and objectives, and linking in existing nations’ water initiatives that are of benefit to or could benefit from GEO Earth observation assets.


  • Support for SDG 6: ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.
  • Provide regional response to the challenging issue of water services as well as the management perspective of the resource.
  • These activities will be framed under the Global Water Sustainability (GEOGLoWS) Initiative.
  • Water activities will support the GEO BON goals of conserving existing biodiversity and ecosystem services.

Country Representatives

Argentina Bahamas Belize Brazil
Canada Chile Colombia Costa Rica
Ecuador Honduras Mexico Panama
Paraguay Peru United States