AmeriGEOSSLogoLgThe AmeriGEOSS initiative is a framework that seeks to promote collaboration and coordination among the GEO members in the American continent, “to realize a future wherein decisions and actions, for the benefit of the region, are informed by coordinated, comprehensive and sustained Earth observations and information”. The proposed initiative focuses its efforts in the four Societal Benefit Areas (SBA’s) selected and prioritized by the Americas Caucus country-members, which are:

  1. Agriculture, associated with climate variability, climate change, and food security.
  2. Disaster risk reduction, particularly for data exchange associated with early warnings and for the generation of regional products of early warnings.
  3. Water, associated with the management approach of water resources and data management.
  4. Biodiversity and Ecosystem Monitoring including biodiversity observation in coastal, marine, and continental habitats, in the context of capacity building for better monitoring, management, and maintenance of ecosystems and biodiversity they support; also to predict future changes.

Point of contact: Angelica Gutierrez, NOAA, angelica.gutierrez@noaa.gov


Some GEO flagships are already addressing the AmeriGEOSS priority areas. The first approach will be to engage with the GEO flagships and their end user communities that are from member countries in the region. From there, the initiative seeks to strengthen the engagement of other Americas countries, and to work with the flagships to tailor their work to address regional needs. Regional needs will be brought to the initiative through the management coordination groups of AmeriGEOSS. In particular, unaddressed needs from developing countries will be prioritized. In each case, the decision-making processes being addressed in the flagships will be tailored to meet the needs of the decision-makers in each of the Americas nations.

Capacity Building In AmeriGEOSS

  • Linked to the AmeriGEOSS priority Areas : Water, Disaster, Agriculture, and  Ecosystem/Biodiversity
  • Leverages resources from established Capacity Building activities (e.g., GeonetCast/Vlab, NASA-ARSET, GEOGLAM, etc)
  • Leverages resources from GEO-CIEHLYC members for outreach and instruction (workshops and monthly webinars)
  • AmeriGEOSS week, training/courses are provided in parallel for the priority areas.