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Agriculture, associated with climate variability, climate change, and food security.

Working Group

Agriculture and food security working group responsible for the coordination with, and participation in, GEOGLAM from a regional perspective, engagement and contribution from Americas nations that add new capabilities to the overall GEOGLAM system and objectives, and linking in existing nations' agricultural initiatives that are of benefit to or could benefit from GEO Earth observation assets.


  • Support of the SDG 2: End hunger, achieve the food security and improve nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture.
  • Support the development of a Latin American Regional GEOGLAM.
  • Greater collaboration between US and Canada on GEOGLAM activities.
  • Enhance current GEOGLAM monitoring activities to better encompass the priorities of Latin America (e.g. regionally important crops).
    • Early Warning Crop Monitor (for countries-at-risk)
    • (eventually) Rangeland & Pasture Productivity (RAPP) Monitor
    • (eventually) full GEOGLAM Crop Monitor (all crops of national/regional importance)
  • Continue to develop the Rangeland & Pasture Productivity (RAPP) sub-Initiative (
    • Australian leadership; large focus on South America.
    • Further grow Community of Practice.
    • Seek participation of aquaculture and fisheries.

Country Representatives

Argentina Bahamas Belize Brazil
Canada Chile Colombia Costa Rica
Ecuador Honduras Mexico Panama
Paraguay Peru United States

Related Activities


GEOGLAM was launched in 2011 by the Group of Twenty (G20) Agricultural Ministers, in response to the need for improved information about crop production and supply at regional, national, and global scales. GEOGLAM’s primary objective is to reinforce the international community's capacity to produce and disseminate timely and accurate information on and forecasts of agricultural production through the use of satellite and in situ Earth observations (EO).   

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The US GEOGLAM is among the first examples of national networks formed to connect agencies, institutions and organizations with a common interest or investment in agriculture and agricultural monitoring, in the framework of GEOGLAM.  

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